The Tech Valley Experience

The region encompasses the Capital Region, Adirondacks/North Country, Hudson Valley, northern Catskills and eastern Mohawk Valley.


Tech Valley offers rewarding career and business opportunities, world-class educational and research facilities, a vibrant arts and entertainment scene and exhilarating year-round outdoor pursuits.

This 16-county region includes more than 40 congregations, more than 900 Jewish business owners, many Jewish-run not-for-profits and is a region brimming with opportunity and excitement.

What is JBiz?

Let’s take a moment to celebrate all that our community has accomplished. We have been leaders in the arenas of academia, economics, entertainment, arts and politics. We have shown guidance as advocates, mentors and volunteers. We are a diverse, strong, lively and energetic community breaking new ground in everything from technology to medicine and innovative ways of doing business.

By standing together we have and will continue to empower Jewish men and women throughout New York state to build a better, more prosperous future for all.

About This Website

This online directory contains contact information for Jewish business owners and Jewish professionals, Jewish-run not-for-profits and non-Jewish businesses that cater to the Jewish community in the Capital District.

This website is designed to serve three purposes:

  1. To inform prospective newcomers to this area that there is a Jewish community with a broad base;
  2. To show folks outside the region that this area supports a vibrant and vital Jewish life and culture; and
  3. To encourage people within the Albany-area Jewish community to support local Jewish businesses.

Some Jewish Humor

News Jews Can Use


The Battle Over the EITC

The Battle Over the EITC by Marc Gronich, Capital Bureau Chief Printed in The Jewish Press Friday, April 24, 2015 The state budget season this year was all about education, pitting public and private school proponents against each other over the Education Investment Tax Credit (EITC). The warring factions on one side include union officials Continue Reading »

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Assembly chamber pic

Politics Bottle Up Important Legislation

Ever wonder why legislation that has support from a majority of Assembly members does not make it out of committee and voted on by the full body of 150 members? Well, it’s all about politics and a little bit of math. There are 150 members of the state Assembly. It takes 76 votes to pass Continue Reading »

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Al Smith pic

From Smith to Cuomo, a Gubernatiorial Retrospective

For the past three weeks, since his passing, I have been thinking a lot about the 12 years Mario Cuomo served as governor. For me, good, bad or indifferent, covering the actions by the Cuomo Administration is an experience I will never forget. Many people have said recently that Mario Cuomo’s tenure did not have Continue Reading »

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Blackstone - MG - Cuomo

Cuomo the Journalist — For a Day

Any governor should take a page out of this challenge given to Governor Mario Cuomo in the mid-1980s. Accepting a dare by an intrepid reporter from the Jamestown Post-Journal, Cuomo switched positions for a day with local reporter Tim O’Brien. The reporter served in a ceremonial capacity as governor for a day while Cuomo went Continue Reading »

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