KosherFest 2016 –The meat episode

This episode of The Jewish View focuses on meat products people who keep kosher can find online, on the grocery store shelf or can request from their local grocer if it is not available in your area. KosherFest 2016 was held in November at the Meadowlands in Secaucus, NJ. KosherFest is a business-to-business trade show that attracts kosher food distributors, buyers and manufacturers from around the world. There were 90 new exhibitors at the food fest this year. With that, there were many vendors who did not attend, who attended in previous years. This is the 28th year KosherFest has taken place. KosherFest is produced by Diversified Business Communications and co-produced by Lubicom Marketing Consulting. This episode is not a commercial for any individual product. No funds were received for this program. All sample products displayed on the show were donated by the manufacturer.