Kosherfest 2017 Part 2

In this episode we feature products from Kosherfest 2017, which was held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in November. Several hundred products were on display at the B2B trade show. We could only feature a small number of premiere kosher products within the time constraints of this program. The products featured in this episode include:

Matzogram printed matzos
Tuscanini parchment crackers
De La Rosa Real Foods
Moses vodka
Kedem – Nature’s Own Apple juice, Green Tea and Honey
KOKO Kosher Korean food products
Iberia Olive oil
Treo Brands – Organic Birch Water Infusion
Squeez’R – Lemonade and Fruit Punch
Meal Mart – frozen whitefish and gefilte fish
Iberia coconut water
Gonnella Baking Company
Milano’s Parmesan cheeses – Yosef’s and Isaac’s
Norman’s Greek dessert yogurt
Sonny & Joe’s Babaganoush and Hummus
Rite Lite Chanukah lunch box, baking set
Flaum’s Good to Go Egg Salad
Mancini assorted bottled Peppers
Beetology bottled beet juice