Kosherfest 2017 Part 3

In this episode we feature products from Kosherfest 2017, which was held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in November. Several hundred products were on display at the B2B trade show. We could only feature a small number of premiere kosher products within the time constraints of this program. The products featured in this episode include:

KJ Poultry Processing Plant
Gonnella Baking Company
Laromme Bakery
Iron Chef sauces, snacks, soups and more
Spicify Consomme Instant Soup and Seasoning mix
Iberia – Garbanzos, Black Beans
Nutrition by Tanya
Reisman’s bakery products
Fromin’s Glacial water
Jamie Geller
Aufschnitt – Turkey Jerky and Beef Jerky
Pudology – chocolate pudding
Ecuadoran Cacao
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt from the Philippines
Freedom bar
Kosher Culinary Center